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Directorio de  Turismo en Córdoba


Visit the Mosque of Cordoba - Join a group


Visit the Mosque in Group

Join a group that has daily morning to visit the Mosque of Cordoba, the Jewish Quarter, and the Alcazar. Includes: Ticket + Official Guide.


Mezquita Private Guide

Book an official private guide for you and/or a group of family, friends or partners, and to know in a more comfortable and more direct way the Mosque of Cordoba.

Visit the Mosque of Cordoba - Educational Centers


Mezquita centros educativos

For the educational centers available a special program of visits with a pedagogical marking. The professionals in charge of these visits have professional experience in teaching.

Visit the Mosque of Cordoba - From Malaga


Mezquita centros educativos

Explore beautiful Cordoba on this full-day tour of a city known as the heart of Andalusia. Explore the Roman Bridge, the Jewish Quarter (one of Europe's largest World Heritage sites), and the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Festival of the Courtyards of Cordoba

Courtyards of Cordoba

Regular visit to the festival of the courtyards that takes place in May. During the festival, at the height of bloom, the intimacy of the patios are open for visitors...

Visit the city of Mosque: CÓRDOBA

Night Tour of Cordoba


Center of the city - Charming Cordoba

If you just want to visit the center of Cordoba, you can join our regular visit and join a group on Tuesdays or Saturdays and enjoy the beauty of this city.


Night Tour of Cordoba

We also have a private night tour, in which you can form your own group.

Mezquitadecordoba.org - A decade offering the best service

On this page, you will find all the information you require to organise your visit to the Mosque of Cordoba efficiently and quickly so that you can enjoy the monuments in all their splendour.

Find out here about the price of the ticket, how to book, opening times, guided visits, accesses to the complex and where to stay in Cordoba, and you will be able to enjoy the historical and cultural heritage of Cordoba and the Mosque.

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